Opel’s 2017 Ampera-e unveiled at Paris Motor Show, receives 500km range

2017 Opel Amper-e Paris Motor Show

The electrical Opel Ampera-e should be among the stars of the Paris motor show, with its cool designing, its 500km one-charge range and, as per Opel, its characteristics which have “the feistiness of a sports car”.

It’s not however due to the fact that it won’t be coming in right-hand drive. General Motors’ accounts built up the sums and decided they didn’t like the response, and presumably still had fevered memories of the last electric vehicle Opel attempted to sell, the first Ampera range-extender.

Based upon the United States market Chevrolet Bolt, the Ampera-e has a 204hp electric motor sufficient for a maximum speed of 150kmh and a range of 500km in between charges. It’s been developed, much like the Volkswagen I.D. concept, to be an electrical car anybody can just buy and utilize, without stressing over the switchover. “Our Ampera-e is not eco-luxury, not a gadget and not simply a second car. Opel is showing that electro-mobility is likewise attainable for a much broader audience thanks to the most ingenious innovation– Opel is democratizing the electrical vehicle with the Ampera-e”, stated Karl-Thomas Neumann, Opel’s CEO.

It’s been confirmed that eventually in the future, General Motors will highlight a right-hand drive electrical vehicle, just not a variation of the Ampera-e. Vauxhall bosses confirmed at the Paris reveal that they realized that they had missed the boat this time, however were working hard to build a business case for a next-generation model that is going to be all-electric.

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