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NEW Pagani Zonda LM Pictures and Video (Spotted!)

Pagani Zonda LM has just been spotted coming out of the factory. Initially assumed to be retired, the Zonda series with this reveal appears to be very much alive which is great news for all the Pagani Zonda LM enthusiasts. It was supposedly replaced by the Huayra but then, the legendary Zonda it appears has enough fans to keep it’s production continued!

Not a part of the Revolucion series as is evident by the model name itself, the car does have quite a few distinct features, a keen eye will observe the very distinct rear wing as well as the roof scoop. In the video as well as the pictures it is also evident that the front part of the car has been camouflaged, so there’s lots of interesting work going on in that department from what we can tell!

The car also appears to have Tricolore Break Calipers. It was spotted while the car was being taken out of the factory by the test driver, Mr. Davide Testi. Prior to the trial run, Davide made sure he gave the onlookers a good view of the beast of a car with ample revving up and of course the Zonda’s V12 made it’s unmistakable gunshot noise to accompany the beautiful sound.

We at Speedlux are not sure when this car is going to be put up at an auto show or whether there are going to be any more reveals in the near future, but we will keep you updated!

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