Special edition Chevrolet Camaro from Pennzoil and RCR Street Performance Group

The special edition 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS could be termed a prized possession that any car owner on earth would love to possess. Such is the possessive power of this model that even other products could be sold if this car is given away as the prize along with that product.

This idea has already been put to practice by Pennzoil who have launched the “Get your Key to Clean” marketing campaign in which they have formed a partnership with RCR Street Performance and the participants get the opportunity to win a brand new special edition Camaro SS.

The tweaking that the Camaro has gone through into making it an object of desire could be listed thus. A Magnussen supercharger, custom headers a six piston brake kit from Wilwood, wheels of 22 inch dia custom made, rear light area and tail lights that are blacked out, the front splitter made of carbon material and of course the rear diffuser, side skirts rear spoiler and old school grille add to the glamour of this car.

Process for entering the contest is a very simple one, requiring aspiring competitors going to the Pennzoil website filling out a form and submitting the same.

Registration for the competition is open till 31 July. Pennzoil would select lucky five contestants amongst all that have registered. They would be given an RCR VIP Experience at the Bank of America 500 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on the week end of Oct 16 this year. The contestants would be given a key out of which one would belong to the RCR Street Performance Camaro SS. Just before the flag is downed signaling the NASCAR sprint to begin the contestants would have to go and start the engine of the car. Whosoever has the key that starts the car gets to keep the prized car.

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