Peugeot 208 GTI to start at over 25,000 euros

In the latest segment, French based automaker, Peugeot is planning to launch the iconic 208 GTI in Europe next year, where the model will be available from 25,690 euros.

At first it was the month of March at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, the Peugeot 208 GTI was unveiled, and then the final production version was officially presented to the public during the 2012 Paris Motor Show. With the french manufacturer coming in the European market, the prices for the the Peugeot 208 GTI on the Old Continent will be set at 25,690 euros and the model is expected to be launched here in the third quarter of 2013. The hot hatch is now powered by a 1.6 liter turbo engine, which produces a total of 197hp and a peak torque of 203 lb-ft, and the car can now do 0 to 62 mph in less than 7 seconds, and the highlight is, that there is an increase of 22hp in the new engine, in comparison to the 207 GTI, and this whole setup will be mated to a six-speed manual transmission, with the model featuring a firmer steering system, an anti-roll bar and a different suspension.

More details will be posted near the launch of the 208 GTI in the European market, until then stay tuned.

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