Pitfalls that will come along with the conventional and autonomous vehicles

Images of Zoox car, autonomous vehicles

Prominent car manufacturing companies may start launching vehicles that will drive automatically without drivers. Car owners those who buy these types of autonomous and conventional cars need not to hire a driver or drive on their own since these cars will have automatic self-ignition. It will follow the road traffic and ride the roads without any problems. But the launch will not take place immediately as it is a time consuming process.

The government has to pass the legislation and the police authorities have to develop new rules and regulations for allowing such automatic vehicles. But the future will surely see these types of automatic vehicles. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and other roads and highway authorities should check the viability and design a strategy for implementing the plan.

Should the autonomous vehicles require different type of licenses?

Senior police officers are breaking their heads to find a solution for these types of vehicles. Authorities are unsure whether these autonomous vehicles will come to an automatic halt during accidents, catastrophes and emergency evacuation. People feel that the government may pass strict rules and regulations for these types of autonomous vehicles. Now it is nothing but “wait and watch” situation since these types of automated trucks and cars will be launched only after few years.

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