Car crash in Housatonic River in Seymour

Police identify Two Died After Car Goes Into Housatonic River, Seymour

Cops have identified the two people who died after their vehicle ended up in the Housatonic River in Seymour, Connecticut, on Friday afternoon.

Connie Crowell, 54, and her son, John Crowell, 22, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Connie and John were from Monroe, police noted.

The incident took place at Roosevelt Drive.

Connie and John were inside the car and seat-belted in when crews found them.

Following the arrival of firefighters, they enlisted the help of a private boater.

“We actually took a resident’s boat and put our guys on that boat as well and tried to make entry to the car,” said Michael Lombardi, chief of the Seymour Fire Department.

The vehicle was 75 yards offshore, submerged in an area between 16 and 20 feet deep. Currents needed firefighters to close the Housatonic Dam before they could recover the car.

“We put a tag line on it to keep the car in place from the current. Tied it off to a truck so it wouldn’t go down the river anymore and then our rescue effort began from there,” said Christopher Edwards, deputy chief of the Seymour Fire Department.

About 75 firefighters responded to the scene. One firefighter was transported to the hospital with small injuries. They were one of the first at the scene.

The town’s deputy chief informed that the car is now out of the water.

Seymour crews are taking the lead on the probe with help from EnCon authorities.

Rescue efforts included assistance from five agencies, including dive teams from Newtown and Middlebury.

Police say they believe this appeared to be an accident but said the investigation is on-going.

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