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Porsche 997 GT2 gets a power boost from 530 hp to 800 hp

Porsche 997 GT2 with 800 hpOhio based tuning house Switzer Performance is all about more power. Back in January they introduced a thousand horsepower SLEDGEHAMMER project car based on Porsche 997 Turbo.

This time Tym Switzer is introducing a bolt-on performance package for the Porsche 997 GT2. In stock GT2 has 530 horsepower. Switzer’s new GT2 package offers impressive 800 horsepower from pump-gas.

Such power boost is possible thanks to custom Garret GT30R-based turbochargers with custom billet compressor wheels on ball-bearing center sections in lightweight stainless turbine housings.

Engine gets air and fuel through larger injectors and a custom intake plenum with an over sized throttle-body. Stock exhaust system is replaced with Switzer’s 997 TT exhaust that is now GT2-specific.

So if you already have a Porsche 997 GT2 you can upgrade it to 800 horsepower for $39,000.

Switzer 997 GT2 800HP 93 Octane Dyno video:

For more about Switzer Performance visit their web site.

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