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Porsche to premiere two new models at LA Auto Show

Porsche AG, Stuttgart is scheduled to launch two new car models at the Los Angeles Auto Show to be held on 16 November. It has already known that one of the models will be the new Porsche 911 Carrera and about the other only a few details are known. The auto community is eagerly waiting for the new model to be unveiled as the new car is expected to be a high performance sexy looking car.

Under the hood, the 911 Carrera is equipped with a six cylinder 3.4-liter engine that produces an output of 350 Horsepower and the 911 Carrera S comes with a 3.8 liter engine that produces a power output of 400 Horsepower. Porsche has employed technologies that improve the fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. When compared to the previous generation Porsches the newer models have 16 % lesser fuel consumption and emissions. It is expected that the new Porsche models will probably give a mileage of less than ten liters of fuel per 100 kms. The transmission is handled by a seven speed manual gearbox.

The North American version of the new 911 Carrera exhibits many minor changes like a longer wheelbase. The car framework for the 911 has been built of light and effective steel-aluminium alloy which has helped to reduce the weight of the latest generation Porsche. Active control systems have also been provided that allow one to adjust the driving and tuning of the car to some degree.

Porsche has also revealed the rest of their plans for the Auto Show and we have to say it looks very tempting. The hybrid versions of the highly popular Cayenne and Panamera along with the Boxer and Cayman two seater sports vehicles equipped with the mid-engine will be other models to look out for.

Source: http://www.4wheelsnews.com/porsche-announces-a-world-premiere-for-the-2011-la-auto-show/

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