September 25, 2020

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    Volkswagen Group has hung on to its placement as the world’s top-selling car manufacturer for the fifth year in a row, although the German group was slipped by once again by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance in the light-duty automobiles sector.

    Renault SA, Nissan Motor and also Mitsubishi Motors together made 10.76 million passenger cars and light commercial vehicles sales in last year, according to Reuters’ calculations after brand-new information released on Wednesday. The group does not sell heavy trucks.

    Nissan stated on Wednesday it sold 5.65 million cars in 2018, dropping 2.8 percent on the year. Mitsubishi reported an 18 percent increase in sales to 1.22 million units whereas Renault sold 3.88 million units, increasing 3.2 percent on the year.

    Volkswagen’s deliveries climbed 0.9 percent to a record 10.83 million in 2018, including its MAN as well as Scania heavy trucks, the German firm stated previously this month. Leaving out heavy vehicles, it sold 10.6 million units.

    Toyota Motor kept its third spot, revealing on Wednesday that it had sold 10.59 million automobiles in 2018 including its Toyota and also Lexus brands, along with minicars made by subsidiary Daihatsu and light and also heavy vehicles created by its truck department Hino Motors Ltd.

    Excluding Hino vehicles, Toyota sold 10.39 million units in 2018. The automaker has stated it anticipates to sell an overall of 10.76 million vehicles in 2019.

    Numerous automakers are attempting to boost sales quantities to accomplish economies of range and also decrease prices amidst skyrocketing investments required to establish next-generation modern technologies, consisting of self-driving vehicles.

    This has been a focus of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors group, which is aiming to share extra vehicle components and also settle production platforms to trim R&D and manufacturing costs, while raising earning.

    The partnership, which brought Mitsubishi Motors into its fold in 2016, is presently in crisis with its previous Chairman Carlos Ghosn arrested and prosecuted on charges of misbehavior. Nissan has likewise been prosecuted, and Renault appointed new top management recently.

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