Review: 2013 Ford Explorer Limited

The first thing that strikes for 2013 Ford Explorer Limited is its large unibody compared to its previous sibling. This edition is wider each way by 4 inches, not to be defined as being tall but does makes the difference and make a feel like driving an Expedition-sized vehicle.

The ride of 2013 Ford Explorer Limited is superb, body control is reasonably good, steering is also steady, engine is capable for such a large and weighty car, and brakes does the job with perfection. As a whole the driving is satisfactory if a lightning-fast response is not expected.

The interior is of course eye soothing with good seat comfort and convenient features. The safety equipment such as backup sensors, blind-spot detection and front collision warning are up to the mark.

The best price of 2013 Ford Explorer Limited is suggested on AutoWeek as $40,680. The curb weight of the car is 4,697 lb and the fuel economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined) is 17/23/19 mpg, as per the site.

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