Rich Chinese Kid Sells Scarves to Fuel His Porsche Cayman

Realize it or not, China has become the world’s number one country when it comes to purchasing ability. Its national gross domestic product (GDP) value is the second largest in the world. As such, there is no wonder that wealthy kids are appearing in the country in question by the day. So is this young kid from the Zhejiang province in the eastern part of China. He is very lucky to have his parents gift him with a brand new Porsche Cayman, one of the most exotic cars in the world that money can buy. However, the rich kid in question figures that he should sell some scarves on the roadside if he ever wants to fuel his Porsche!

The kid was seen driving along with his girlfriend in the Porsche Cayman the other night in the city of Sahoxing, only to find a seemingly ideal roadside to set up their makeshift stall. As reported by the NetEase News, not long after the kid and his girlfriend set up their scarf stall, a police officer spotted them. The officer tried to warn the kid that what he was doing on that particular roadside in China was against the law. However, the kid decided to ignore the officer and they both ended up in an argument. It did not take long before their argument started to attract passers-by who were curious as to what was happening that night.

The young and wealthy kid from China – which the locals often call a ‘tuhao’ kid, a nickname they give to a wealthy kid – tried to defend himself, saying that the Porsche Cayman he was driving that night was a gift from his parents yet he did not see it appropriate to ask his parents for some gas money as well, which was the reason he decided to open a roadside scarf stall in the first place.

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