Romeo Ferraris Cinquone-Stradale USA Tribute Announced

The well known Italian Aftermarket Romeo Ferraris is all set to enter the U.S market, with the tuner showcasing their latest project on the Fiat 500 at the upcoming SEMA, Auto Show.

Romoe Ferraris have released a teaser image, which describes the car as “amazing tuned Fiat 500”, but the company hasn’t revealed any information stating to the full details of the new car. But from the picture you get to see a that the fiat features a wide body kit, which seems very aggressive. With the European version of the Cinquone Stradale uses a turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder unit taken all the way up to 300 hp, the US version will only deliver 235 hp.

Stay tuned for more updates and until then take a look at the images.

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