Russian enthusiast creates a Mercedes-Benz 90E Fastback Crossover

Cosworth has transformed the Mercedes-Benz 190E into a piece of wonder. This opinion though, is not that of every individual. A Russian enthusiast has therefore considered it better option to turn his Mercedes Sedan into a different breed and call it the E90 crossover.

The owner first chopped off the rear end of his car. Thereafter he gave the car some increased road height and also installed some excessively thick bull bars. Side steps were created using similar size of piping as well as an off roader style spare wheel holder. The alloy wheels supposedly comes from an E-class and the tail lights seems to be taken from an S-Class.

There are also the headlight guards and the stealth paint which are bespoke items. The roof spoiler in its turn seems to be made up of a skateboard with a red stripe acting as the brake light – or so it seems. The owner displays his creative sense by the sporty looking dual exhaust pipes which gave the car its final touch of Sedan look alike albeit in a smaller version.

Source: carscoop

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