Several Renault-Nissan plants in Spain halted due to coronavirus

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Several Renault-Nissan plants in Spain have temporarily stopped production on Friday or were planning stoppages next week because of a lack of parts amid the coronavirus epidemic, company officials stated.

Nissan’s two Barcelona plants stopped operations on Friday afternoon as a wheels provider was affected by a lockdown in the town of Odena nearby due to coronavirus outbreak. The stoppage will last at least until Monday, a company spokesman stated. The plants are closed on weekends.

Renault’s plants, in Valladolid and in Palencia, will stop production for two days next week because of a lack of components.

“Yesterday we had no issues, and now we have to stop for two days from Monday in Palencia and Valladolid,” a spokesman stated, describing that the supply chain had suffered setbacks in Catalonia. There are about 6,000 employees at the two plants.

About 3,000 people work at Nissan’s Barcelona plants, which manufacture electric vans and pick-up models.

Coronavirus has so far infected more than 157,000 people and killed more than 5,830 people worldwide. In Spain, it has killed 196 and infected 5,232 people.

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