Shelby unleashes the 800-Horsepower Super Snake

Details about the Super Snake package for the 2011 Mustang GT500 by Shelby American have been released by the tuning company. This same company has been responsible for the “Shelby” Mustangs. The only big noticeable difference between the standard and the modified version of the car is the spiked up power of 800 hp in the tuned car. They are going to modify just 1000 units for the year 2011. So if interested in this package then one must get in line right away.

There is a base package which includes a Ford Racing suspension kit, Borla exhaust system and new Shelby-designed Alcoa rims. The engine in this case is a V8 with 660 hp and 590 lb ft torque. There are more additions to this package which is listed.

The optional additions or modifications includes tuning of the engine to deliver 750 hp and also has a new driveshaft, throttle body, and badges. The 800 hp power horse is a separate package and that costs some more money. The package would be available through the company itself or one of its “mod shops” alone.

John Luft the President of Shelby American says “Ford Motor Company did a marvelous job making the 2011 model year GT500 lighter and more powerful. Our team applied its experience building Super Snakes over the past several years to offer a package that dramatically increases the new car’s capabilities. And with the visual changes we’ve made, it will be a definite stand out on the road or track.”

For price factor the 750 hp tuning package would cost $30,245 and that includes installation also. The Viper costs the same cost as that of the BASE GT 500 which is $49,500. But the envy looks that one would gain from driving around in a snake themed sports car has its own priceless value.

Source: carscoop

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