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car pileup on I-57, Missouri

Six dead, dozens injured after pileup on I-57 in Missouri

Six people died and dozens were injured after the pileup started around 8 am on Thursday on the I-57 near Charleston, Missouri.

The Mississippi, Missouri, County Sheriff’s Office refused to release the number of fatal victims on Thursday afternoon, but the coroner’s office later confirmed at least six people died.

The pile-up was caused by someone braking late in fog around 8 am. The Mississippi County EMS thinks that the driver hit the breaks, ensuing a chain reaction on Interstate 57 near Charleston.

Vehicle fires have been reported, including several 18-wheelers, and at least one person was flown to receive medical care. Among people taken to hospitals were two emergency responders.

The stretch of I-57 from I-55 to Illinois state was closed for some hours.

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