Special versions of the Lexus LFA developed

There will only be 500 units of the supercars LFA ever built but that did not deter a few special versions of it being spawned out of the luxury Lexus offering. And the good news is, a special version of the LFA is already there for the taking.

There are quite a few improvements made to the mechanical of the car that differentiates the LFA Special Edition from the standard model. And the biggest change has taken place under the hood which involves enhancing the power of the 4.8-liter V10 engine by about 10 h.p. so that there is now a whooping 570 h.p on tap, all of which is the result of a fine tuning job on the ECU-it. Mated to the engine is a new gearbox that enables quick gear changes, 0.05 sec faster to be precise.

Then there’s a new suspension HPO where HPO stands for “High-Power-Only.” The aerodynamic aspects of the car has also been worked upon with the addition of a new front lip, additional wings that have been included in the new front bumper and the integration of a rear spoiler made of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer or just CFRP so that the car now slips through air in the most effortless manner.

Color choices for the new special versions include black, matte black, pure white with an orange colored cabin. The car does exudes style and class while the interiors of the car is truly luxurious and definitely a nice place to be in.

However, there has been no official confirmation of what the price of the car will be like or any performance figures of the car.

Source: carsblognews.com/

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