See Spy Shots of the New Toyota Auris

What you can see here are spy shots of the all-new Toyota Auris. These are the first available photos of the car and they were taken in the company’s test facility in Belgium. Details for the Auris are limited. It is likely though that it will feature an engine with an improved fuel-efficiency and lower emissions. This means that buyers can expect a line up composed of conventional four-cylinder petrol and diesels with an output range between 100bhp to 180bhp. There will also be a 136bhp petrol-electric hybrid version of the Auris. An all-new plug-in electric model is also in the works.

The engine of the hybrid can run for up to 12 miles on electric only mode. When the charge gets depleted, that’s when the car will go to petrol mode for up to 400 miles. Owners are expected to save more than 12mpg as proven by a Toyota Prius that as fitted with the same drivetrain.

The picture may not give you a compete idea of the look of the Auris but from it you you can see that the design of the Auris was inspired by the Yaris. It also appears that it will be larger than its predecessor. The improvement in design has lead to more legroom both for the drivers and the passengers.

The Auris will also get the new Touch & Go multimedia system that allows the driver to have full control of the different features of the car. This system also allows users to send tweets and even text messages.

Of course, it is too early to attach a price tag on the new Auris. But you can use the prices of other models to gauge how much the new car will cost. The outgoing model, for example, can be had from £12,995 while the hybrid is priced just a little over £20,000. The price of the Auris should be near those figures.


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