2013 Ford Mustang v6 Spied: Info and Photos

Recently, the 2013 Ford Mustang GT has been captured, along with its brother, the V6-flavored pony car. Both of the vehicles get a significant brawny cue from the top-dog Shelby GT500, that protruding grille.

Even though the V6 receives the same headlight treatment as the Gt, it leaves off the front splitter and the running-horse logo remains front and center in the grille, not offset as on the GT prototype.

Things are still not very precise out back, but we believe a revised treatment of taillights and bumper will set this one apart from others in the family.
Well, this appears to be a mild suite of changes that we’ll have to wait another year for, but perhaps this is all Ford thinks it needs to put the Mustang back on the number-one peg, or, maybe this isn’t all they have prepared for us, since the interiour wasn’t available for us to sneek into. We sure do hope Ford has alittle more in store for us, but until the cars will be officially unveiled we can only guess and hope.

Anyways, we will keep an eye on the evolution of the 2013 Ford Mustang GT, and we will keep informing you about every little new detail we hear of.

Source: AutoBlog

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