Spy Shots with no camouflage: Next-gen Hyundai Accent

I have to say that I’m kind of anti-fan to the Hyundai cars because they look cheaper than they cost. Anyway, in the past time, some Hyundai prototypes were caught on photos and also some of them were present at the passed auto shows and all of these new cars made me change my mind about these cars.

A very good example is this next generation Hyundai Accent which looks much better than the last model. I can say that I hate the last model but I love this new one. Also, we must be thankful for these spy shots because the car has absolutely no camouflage on it which makes us to make an opinion about the look of this car.

This next-gen Hyundai Accent has a similar aspect with the Hyundai Sonata which became a trend in these days namely that the auto makers to build small cars which have the aspect similar to an SUV which is also built by the same auto maker.

At the moment we don’t have any information about this next-gen Hyundai Accent but just by looking at these spy shots I can say that it will probably have an upgraded aerodynamic shape.

[source: auto.ifeng via autoblog]

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