Spyker will have dual listing within four months in Sweden

The CEO, Victor Muller, of the Amsterdam-listed Spyker Cars NV has recently announced that if the company was not required to undergo full due diligence, it is capable of achieving a dual listing in Sweden within four months.

Last February Spyker has bought a Sweden company Saab from General Motors Co.The Spyker is however, yet to make a profit resulting from this deal. Incidentally, on Monday in the previous week, the Spyker made its final payment to close the takeover. Mr. Muller has reportedly spoken to Reuters about the aims to have the Spyker have a dual listing this year.

Talks with the stock exchange in this regards have been in progress while at the same time Spyker is already inventorying on the steps that have to be accomplished. Muler, however, added that the final result would depend on the work that needs to be done only to be limited by due diligence. He said that the company, otherwise could have achieved the deed in “a minimum of three to four months.”

Earlier, Muller had reported to have said that Stockholm was preferred for the dual listing because of its market reputation in hosting engineering companies. This dual listing aimed at reinforcing the company’s Swedish identity. Muller, the CEO of Spyker Cars NV, had confirmed last Tuesday that the dual listing did not aim at raising more cash. He however, elucidated that in order to facilitate the inflow of additional cash the company may have to do a small issue though.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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