Spyker Set To Enter Chinese Luxury Market

Spyker Cars has revealed that it has begun initiating the process of entering the booming Chinese auto market. As a first step, Spyker has entered into an agreement with China Automobile Trading Company, one of the largest auto importers operating out of China and is waiting for approval from the government for their plans to take off. Once established, the joint venture will enable Spyker to bring in its range of luxury automobiles into the Chinese market.

China has only recently replaced the United States as the largest auto market in the world, which has prompted Spyker along with a host of other brands to try and gain a foothold in this growing marketplace.

If the agreement between Spyker and the China Automobile Trading Company takes concrete shape, Spyker will then be able to proceed with the sales and service of its entire range of supercars, luxury sport utilities and luxury commercial vehicles in that country.

For the number crunchers out there, the entire Chinese auto market is sized at a staggering 13.64 million units.

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