German prosecutors fine Bosch 90 million euros over emissions cheating


Automotive provider Bosch has agreed to pay a 90 million euros ($100.21 million) fine for lapses in supervisory duties that allowed automakers to engage in emissions cheating, German prosecutors in the city of Stuttgart stated on Friday. The auto industry’s diesel emissions cheating scandal, where automakers utilized engine management control software to throttle back real-world […]

Volkswagen ex-CEO, Bosch CEO not expected to testify in Stuttgart trial: judge

Volkswagen logo

Former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn and Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner are no more expected to testify in a trial brought against the automaker’s main shareholder Porsche SE by investors, according to a judge. Majority of the two dozen witnesses called in the case have invoked their right to reject to provide evidence, Judge Fabian Richter […]

Daimler, Bosch to bring self-driving taxis in California test program

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German automaker Daimler AG and auto supplier Bosch Corp are going to deploy self-driving taxis in California’s Silicon Valley region in 2019 as part of a test program of vehicles designated for city driving, the two companies stated on Tuesday. The world’s largest maker of premium cars and biggest automotive provider gave some information about […]

Truck owners file lawsuit against Ford, alleging diesel emissions cheating

Ford logo in their auto plant

Ford Motor set up software that allowed its F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks to cheat at passing federal emissions tests, according to a lawsuit filed by truck owners on Wednesday, a claim the automaker called “baseless”. The lawsuit claims Ford manipulated the emissions system in infraction of federal requirements and the affected trucks released […]

Stuttgart prosecutor investigates Bosch connection with Daimler diesel emissions


German prosecutors examining whether Daimler manipulated emission tests on its diesel vehicles have connection with auto components provider Bosch, in the supposed fraud, it was confirmed on Friday. “There is an investigation into aiding and abetting fraud,” a representative for the Stuttgart prosecutor stated about Bosch, following a media report released on Thursday. The new […]

Daimler joins forces with Bosch to make self-driving taxis

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Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler and provider Robert Bosch are collaborating to develop self-driving vehicles in an alliance targeted at speeding up the production of “robo-taxis”. The pact between the world’s biggest maker of premium cars and the world’s largest vehicle supplier forms a powerful counterweight to new automobile industry players like ride-hailing Uber and Didi which […]

Bosch’s self-driving car prototype could give a glance of Tesla’s Autopilot strategies

Bosch is flaunting its self-driving car prototype in Australia this week, and it might provide us a glance of Tesla‘s Autopilot 2.0 strategies. Bosch, frequently understood as a German kitchen appliance designer, has launched the self-driving automobile for the ITS World Congress in Melbourne. It marks the very first time a self-driving car has driven […]