Beijing wants electric vehicles while buyers demand SUVs

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Automakers deal with predicament in China’s substantial however congested market: Regulators are pushing them to offer electric vehicles, but purchasers desire gas-guzzling SUVs. The market is banged by Beijing’s proposition to require that electric cars comprise 8 percent of every brand’s production as soon as next year. Customers are steering the other path: First-quarter SUV […]

Wanxiang receives approval to produce Karma electric cars

Karma to unveil in 2016

Wanxiang Group, a significant Chinese auto parts provider has got approval from regional regulators to produce electrical automobiles in China. Wanxiang had almost 3 years ago purchased the possessions of defunct California-based plug-in hybrid automaker Fisker Automotive. Wanxiang later on changed Fisker’s name to Karma Automotive. As per a notice on Friday on the site […]

Volkswagen plugs in to rising demand for electric vehicles in China

Volkswagen has told that its BUDD-e, the 2016 CES show automobile, which is visiting China as an ambassador for e-mobility, is drawing a great deal of attention. With the concept vehicle, Volkswagen is providing the next generation of electrically powered cars to Chinese drivers. The German automaker states, “The Chinese are fascinated by this Volkswagen, […]