Tesla Model 3 makes 258 HP according to EPA documents

Tesla Model 3

When Tesla formally released the Model 3 last month, we got a great deal of details about the vehicle. We learned that consumers will have the ability to choose between a regular and extended-range battery. We discovered for how long each variation will go on a single charge. We found out how rapidly they speed up. But remarkably, Tesla didn’t wish to state just how much power the car makes and how huge the battery pack is. Thanks to information leaked from Environmental Protection Agency documents, that now we know about it.

Inside EVs got its hands on this EPA filing, and after doing some fast math identified the Model 3 has an 80.5-kilowatt-hour battery pack. As it states, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, has formerly said the Model 3 cannot fit more than a 75-kWh battery, but he may have been discussing usable capacity, not always the optimum. The standard vehicle, meanwhile, likely has around a 55-kWh battery. As we have formerly reported, Tesla estimates the standard vehicle will return 220 miles of range, where as the Model 3 with the bigger battery will do 310 miles on single charge.

The EPA files reveal the Model 3’s horse power rating, as well. In rear-wheel-drive, extended-range type, it appears like the Model 3 makes 258 hp. Unfortunately, there’s no details on how much power the standard car makes yet.

It’s likewise fascinating to see how much less the Model 3 weighs compared to the Model S. Weighing in at 3,837 pounds, the Model 3 is almost 1,000 pounds lighter compared to the 4,647-pound Model S. It’s still no light-weight, however that’s a considerable distinction.

Obviously, the version we’re mostly thinking about is the approaching performance variant. It’s presently set to arrive at some point next year, however Tesla hasn’t revealed any extra information. Most likely, it’ll be a dual-motor version that will take on with the Mercedes-AMG C63 and BMW M3. Whether it will make a feasible alternative to those vehicles, though is yet to be seen.

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