Tesla Model X gets best crash score from NHTSA of any SUV

Telsa Model X images

The Tesla Model X achieved a complete 5-star crash score from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the electric car manufacturer announced Tuesday. Which obviously means the automobile is indeed pretty safe.

However what’s most remarkable is that the Model X is the first SUV to achieve 5-star ratings across the board, in all categories and subcategories.

Tesla likewise declares that, according to the NHTSA’s test information, the Model X has the “lowest probability of injury” of any SUV ever tested. The federal agency in charge of crash-testing new automobiles didn’t launch that data to the general public.

This isn’t Tesla’s first full score. Back in 2013, the Tesla Model S also got a 5-star crash rating from the NHTSA.

The NHTSA focuses its restricted funds on crash-testing new vehicles from the front and side, the two areas that, when struck, are most likely to trigger serious injury. The front test mimics an accident in between 2 vehicles at 35 miles per hour each. The side tests mimic intersection accidents and crashes associating roadside properties like trees or poles.

Tesla associates some of this safety score to fundamental EV building. With almost all of the powertrain’s heft as low in the car as possible, it attends to exceptional rollover resistance. Tesla says that the Model X has the most affordable rollover likelihood of any SUV on the road. No matter how you sufficed, this is an outstanding result for Tesla.

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