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Tesla Temporarily Extends Range for Owners Near Hurricane Irma

To help base-model Tesla owners evacuate locations that will be hit by Hurricane Irma, the electric automaker decided to provide them a gift. On Saturday, it sent a software upgrade that remotely extended the range of automobiles with 60-kWh batteries. So instead of needing to recharge every 210 miles, motorists were temporarily able to travel closer to 250 miles between stops. However what was planned to be a valuable gesture has individuals asking all kinds of questions.

Tesla had the ability to remotely extend the range of 60-kWh Model S and Model X EVs since the battery pack is the very same one in the 75-kWh model. The only distinction between the two cars is that the less-expensive variation has its range restricted. If owners choose they need the additional range, Tesla will let them buy the upgrade.

It is said that people are used to paying to unlock more functions with things like video games and subscription services, however something like an automobile’s range is completely new. After all, an auto company can’t remotely increase the size of a car’s gas tank. We’re likewise not used to automakers having the ability to manage what our vehicles ability after we have bought them. If functions can be added and removed on a whim, do we even genuinely own our vehicles any longer?

Though it’s nice that Tesla provides a more budget friendly version of its automobiles, even if that suggests they have less range. And if the accountants say it doesn’t make sense to produce a 60 kWh battery pack, the only way we were getting that less-expensive Model S is if Tesla can find a way to additional de-content the 75-kWh version. By the way, Tesla quietly terminated that version earlier this year, so it appears there wasn’t much need for a more-affordable Model S.

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