Texas woman saves a woman from burning car


An East Texas woman carried out a heroic act.

The incident took place in Longview on Thursday as a woman was going about her workday when she saw a car was on fire right outside the front door, and someone was inside it.

Security video reveals Krystal Cozby at work at her office on Eastman Road, when she saw a commotion outside.

“I see a man jump out of his truck and run over here, he was yelling so I ran out the door and there was a car on fire,” she stated.

Within seconds the vehicle is in roaring flames.

But Cozby runs towards it as someone is still inside the car.

“And a lady was stuck in the car. My instinct was to run over to the car and try to help her,” Krystal states.

As she rushed out to the vehicle to attempt to help, another problem presented itself.

“I just tried to get her out of the car. She was able to stand but not able to walk. We had to get a wheelchair out of the truck before the car was engulfed in flames,” Cozby states.

But time was running out as Cozby carried out the rescue.

“The whole front of the car was engulfed. After the tires started to pop I realized it was dangerous, but at the moment it was just adrenaline,” she states.

Krystal assisted the woman to safety unharmed.

She doesn’t like the word ‘hero’, stating she did it for a straightforward cause.

“If it was one of my family members in that position, I would hope that somebody would help. I was just doing what anybody should do,” states Krystal.

The fire department did arrive shortly and drenched the burning vehicle, which was later towed away.

No one was harmed in this incident.

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  1. I don’t know either one of you but Thank you for being that person who I have prayed about for many different occasions
    The one that if something was to happen to my baby or my mom or my sister or husband, brother etc someone would step up in my place if I was not there, you know I pray JESUS watches over us but you very well must be who he sent to watch over that lady that day. I hope you did not get hurt and I hope you have a Merry Christmas

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