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Images of Bugatti Chiron concept

The Bugatti Chiron name CONFIRMED for Veyron’s Successor

Bugatti has just confirmed that the supercar which will follow the line of succession from the iconic Bugatti Veyron will indeed, be called the Bugatti Chiron. We just released some spy shots of this car yesterday on Speedlux and now, with a 2016 Geneva Motor Show debut on the cards, we can look forward to the Bugatti Chiron really making an impact on the market.

Bugatti had remained tight-lipped about the name of the car although several reports and leaks had revealed that the car would be called Chiron. It has now been officially confirmed. The name comes from Bugatti’s racing car driver Lous Alexandre Chiron, who was not just an influential person in Bugatti’s history but also very iconic and legendary when it comes to Bugatti’s brand image-building in the 1900’s. The car will bear his signature stitched on to the headrest.

The Bugatti Chiron is touted by Bugatti as the world’s most powerful, the fastest and the most luxurious car, ever. A total of 500 units are being manufactured out of which a 100 appear to have already been booked.

We’re all looking forward to this!

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