Thief facing jail for stealing Saudi Prince’s £97,000 Rolls Royce by fooling DVLA

rolls royce theft belonging to saudi prince

A supercar burglar who stole a ₤ 97,000 ($119,280) Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe belonging to a Saudi prince is facing prison on Friday.

Mohammed Humza, 26, fooled the DVLA by wrongly claiming he owned Sheikh Mohammed Alibrahim’s high-end motor parked in London’s exclusive Mayfair district.

He then asked for new keys for the Rolls Royce and sold it to Shaks Specialist Cars in Huddersfield for ₤ 27,500 ($33,816) together with a Blue BMW 5 Series and a White Mercedes-Benz A Class.

Humza likewise used the exact same rip-off to claim he was the legal owner of a Porsche 911 coming from Nicholas Cattelian, a Ferrari California coming from Sara Duncan, and an Aston Martin DB9 coming from Jake Urich.

On Friday at Southwark Crown Court he confessed one count of theft and five counts of fraud by fake representation.

Humza spoke only to enter his guilty pleas and remained stony-faced throughout the brief hearing.

Judge Martin Griffith stated: “You have pleaded guilty to what are clearly serious matters, I’m sure you have been told that the chances are you won’t be leaving this court in liberty the next time you come.

As an act of mercy I’m prepared to allow you time to sort out your family arrangements.”

The court heard Humza fooled the DVLA by submitting a fake V62 form declaring he was the new owner of the Rolls Royce.

Sheikh Alibrahim stated he was not able to reply to the DVLA on whether the ownership had changed since he was abroad.

The prince stated only he and his driver were permitted to access the car, and declared the car checked every week.

Humza, of Fuller Road, Watford, had been released on conditional bail up until his sentencing at Southwark Crown Court on 13 March. Humza has been ordered to observe an electronically monitored curfew in between 8pm-7am while during the time he is on bail.

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