Top Ten News 2011 – Part 3

Opel Ampera

Suspected to be a technology pioneer, has exposed in recent years, Opel rare. With the Ampera electric car, Opel can now be but right to feel as a spearhead for the alternative powertrains.

Together with its sister model, the Chevrolet Volt teardrop-shaped sedan is currently the only one that combines the electric drive with a so-called range extender. This small internal combustion engine makes when the batteries while driving on electricity supply. Range anxiety – one of the main reservations about the electric car to buy – because nobody needs to have more. Engine: 150 hp. Price: from € 42 900.

Porsche 911

A real change of generation is at the legendary sports car is usually at most once per decade. Reason enough, the new plant with the code 991 to be among the highlights of the year. As usual the past 40 years Neunelf remains in the seventh generation of his long-form faithful. Changed externally were little things. The new one has a longer wheelbase and steeper standing headlights.

Under the body, but the coupe has done a jump. During the performance slightly risen, consumption has fallen by almost two liters. In addition, a variety of new products and technical tidbits about the first seven-speed manual gearbox is used worldwide. And although the performance is still intoxicating, the engineers have taken care of everyday comfort and luxury. A Successful conflict solution without compromise. Engines: 350 hp to 400 hp. Price from: € 88 037.

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