Top Ten News 2011 – Part 2

Ford Focus:

Until now, the fun of the compact core competence from Cologne. In addition, the new generation of modern gasoline turbo with direct injection and provide numerous assistance systems that were previously found mostly only in the higher classes, for a coherent package. This is the focus points not only in Europe.

For the developed in the cathedral city golf opponent is the first time, virtually unchanged at Ford’s home country on the U.S. market. This can certainly be understood as praise from the boss. Engines: 85 hp to 184 hp. Price: from € 16 850.

Hyundai i30

Not every new compact class model becomes YouTube star. Korean golf opponent was such an honor, because a grumpy VW CEO Martin Winterkorn rattle-free steering wheel adjustment to the skies and praised his staff for abwatschte same time being able to deliver anything like it.

The very low lever should not be a selling point. But also on the waiting i30 with sleek interiors and modern engines. The new Golf is expected for 2013 must be quite a stretch there, restoring the old distance again. Engines: 90 hp to 135 hp. Price: from about 15,500 euros.

Mercedes B-Class

At the only compact van by a premium manufacturer applies the term? Makeover? during a model change to once really. Not only the technology has been brought up to date, the entire vehicle radiates more. At least in comparison with its predecessor, which found its buyers more in the age group over 60?

Both design and driving characteristics present themselves much more dynamic. With the assistance systems, the B-Class also goes beyond the class standards. Anyone looking for a family van with premium flair, comes to the Mercedes does not pass – and this time not only because of the lack of competitive models from Audi and BMW. Engines: 109 hp to 156 hp. Price: from 26,000 euros.

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