Top Ten News 2011- Part1

Nearly one hundred new and revised models are 2011 came on the market or at least been introduced. Ten of the most important, we briefly introduce before the end of time.

 Audi A6

Nearly one wonders at the A6, which will be to buy a Audi A8. Atmosphere, processing and drive luxury sedan in the sovereignty lift almost on top-level class. And the elegant station wagon Avant still beats the big brother in the space clear. Thanks to lightweight construction and the first four-cylinder diesel engine offered with the standard consumption shrinks even below the five-liter mark.

Who does not want to constantly beat on each other in the back seat behind the driver’s legs can be the extra cost compared to almost twice as expensive flagship save confidently. Engines: 177 hp to 300 hp. Price: from 38,500 euros.

 BMW 3 Series

The three-way battle in the premium section of the middle class takes on new ride. While the competitors from Audi and Mercedes only at the zenith of its model cycle, are the BMW 3 Series defines the state of the art. Despite the new size sedan is significantly more economical than before.

This is partly due to fewer pounds, the other to a new generation of four-cylinder engines. The supply more power than the old six-cylinder engine, but give yourself satisfied with less fuel. Compromise on refinement and athleticism were not necessary. The new 3 Series does everything the old could – only much better. Engines: 163 hp to 306 hp. Price from: € 35 350.

 Citroen DS5

With the auto-“goddess” Citroen DS in the 50s wrote mobility history. Last went the tradition of avant-garde and eccentric models but a bit lost. The Crossover DS5, the French are now back in the program a car that stands out from the crowd.

The successful mix of style SUV, Coupe and Van strikes and polarized. Since environment and technology are hard to find weaknesses, but there are also not satisfied with little optical approach to criticism. Engines: 112 hp to 200 hp. Price: from € 29 700.

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