Toyota developing an electric supercar

We all hope of a new Lexus being into the launch pad, but going by the rumors on the Web we learn the fact of an all electric super car ready for the launch.

Well we can’t just ignore the fact because all the bigwigs of the automotive world like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW have already chalked out elaborate plans for a green electric vehicle. So why not consider the Toyota’s who were the sole owners of the first and only true supercar – The Lexus LFA, which already shares its price equal to two Ferraris and is slower than a Porsche 911 GT2 RS (which is already $130,000 cheaper than LFA). The Lexus LFA is powered by a V-10 gasoline engine coupled to a single clutch automated manual gearbox.

The all electric super car model has seen many companies jump into it; companies of the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW are all working onto it for many years now. But companies like Toyota\Lexus have been completely absent from the sector. But these small launches or ideas doesn’t affect a launch of a brand new super car.

And as history speaks for itself, the LFA was previewed for two long years before making its debut, showcased as a roadster in the 2008 Detroit auto show before which we got a sneak peak to it six months earlier.

The very recent and upcoming bonding with the Tesla has not given some validity or any air to the rumors surrounding it, however considering the thoughts and plans of the all time expertise in the field of making an all electric supercar, we come to know that the manufacturer can cut short the development process by a few years. This means that, we wouldn’t see an all electric super vehicle much before 2015.

Source: motorauthority

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