Toyota Driver Awareness Research Vehicle unveiled in Los Angeles

Toyota has unveiled their Driver Awareness Research Vehicle (DARV) at the ongoing Los Angeles Auto Show.

Based on the Sienna, the DARV has been developed along with Microsoft and features a number of systems that reduce distractions before the driver even gets inside the car. For example, the driver’s side second row window acts as information screen when the driver approaches the vehicle. It enables the driver to see crucial information that includes appointments and weather and traffic data, before they ever set foot in the van. According to the company, this quick glance at information will enable the driver to have more mental bandwidth to focus on driving.

The system uses a Microsoft Kinect sensor which has the capability to distinguish different users and also display their relevant information. The sensor also enables the users to scroll through their data by just using hand gestures.

Well have to say that the technology is quite amazing and if it really helps to increase the effectiveness in driving but coupled with some safety measures as well, there will be nothing that can stop it from becoming a big success.

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