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Toyota resumes Lexus GX 460 sales after rollover recall

After a fourteen day hiatus, Japanese luxury brand Lexus gives a go signal to resume sales of the SUV GX 460.

According to the carmaker, their dealerships all over the US now have the update for the stability control system of the luxury SUV GX 460. The dealers have been trying to contact all owners of the GX 460 to arrange a schedule so they can do the update. The timeline for getting in touch with most of the GX owners is estimated to take about a week.

The update of the software for the VSC or vehicle stability control system will trigger more pressure on the brakes when it detects some sliding.

Lexus stopped selling the vehicle and recalled the GX when they were tagged with a “Do not buy” recommendation by Consumer Reports. The magazine found out that the stability control of the SUV reacts to slow during a slide while handling a fast turn. They pointed out that a delayed reaction of the vehicle may lead to a rollover that may cause serious injuries or even death.

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