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Two women killed by stolen car being driven by parolee in San Francisco

A stolen car struck and fatally struck two women in the South of Market neighborhood on Thursday, and the driver, a paroled robber, was arrested after he attempted to flee, police said.

The car, which had been reported stolen at around 4 p.m., hit a car and then two women, one of whom died at the scene, police said.

The other woman died at a hospital.

One woman was said to be about 70 years old and the other was in her 20s or 30s, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The suspect, a 45-year-old San Francisco resident, left the vehicle after the accident and fled into a nearby commercial building where he was arrested under some minutes, police said.

His name wasn’t immediately revealed to the public.

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2 thoughts on “Two women killed by stolen car being driven by parolee in San Francisco

  1. Thats one selfish dude to run even if the car was stolen. Sometimes you just have to face the music.

  2. “selfish dude” you are acting like he is some normal person, like one of your neighbors. being on parole means you are out of state prison….not local jail, where a person who does a lesser crime can do up to one year in county. no, this dude did something major and got prison time and then convinced a parole board he was going to be a good boy. now two people are dead.

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