Uber, Lyft motivating drivers to Indy 500

Uber self driving car

Race automobile drivers aren’t the only ones who will be supporting the wheel to contend this weekend.

Motorists from throughout the state are wanting to cash in on one of the greatest durations of demand for transport in Indianapolis’ history. Many of drivers will be shuttling visitors and race fans to meals, events and, naturally, the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, through ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft.

The San Francisco-based firms have actually been soliciting brand-new drivers and motivating existing drivers to go out this weekend. Lyft has doubled its number of Indianapolis drivers throughout the previous three weeks, spokesperson Mary Caroline stated. The firm does not disclose specific figures on drivers. Uber is offering ensured minimum incomes to entice its drivers from other Indiana cities.

Some regional motorists fear the competitors will cut into their earnings as out-of-towners such as Megan Wenning are tempted by the pledge huge paydays.

Uber has actually promised a minimum of $20 an hour throughout the weekend to drivers who provide a minimum of one ride per hour, Wenning stated, although Uber did not confirm that figure. An ensured hourly rate makes the worst-case scenario in Indianapolis much more appealing than driving around Muncie, Wenning stated.

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