UK car manufacturing hits 14-year high for August

car factory in London, UK

The production of UK car has hit 14-year high in August, about Society of the Motor traders and Manufacturers has mentioned.
As per the trade body, about 109,004 vehicles have rolled off in the UK production lines during last month, which is about 9.1% up on the figure as of August previous year.

SMMT said about Demand rose at overseas and home following with an increase in the investment in various UK car plants.

Mike Hawes, the chief executive of SMMT said it was certainly “great news for the car makers as well as welcome news for economy of UK “.

He also added that UK depends on the most prosperous sector for enhancing share of the UK exports.”

A quantity of data and surveys has even suggested about the decision of UK to leave EU that has very little impact on the manufacturing, despite of the earlier fears on contrary.

On the other hand, a spokesperson of SMMT also said it is “much early to tell” if the car industry is affected by Brexit.

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