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Photos of Citroen C1 Urban

An Urban ride announced by Citroen for Paris motor show

Citroen is a well-renowned automobile manufacturer from France since the year 1976. It was founded by Andre-Gustave Citroen, a French industrialist. This company was the foremost mass-production car manufacturer outside the USA. They pioneered the service network and modern concept of carrying out sales that complemented the car. They have announced plans to launch the C1 Urban Ride model at the Paris Motor Show.

Citroen has refused to make the pictures public, however have said that this model will consist of styling inspired by an SUV, which underlines its protective and character nature. The company has also coded that this model illustrates the prospective of personalizing and customizing this car with its adapting looks.

The company is keeping all the information classified from the public as well as media, but it is predicted that the model will have silver skid plates, a retractable cloth roof and plastic body cladding.

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