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Very rare McLaren F1 destroyed by fire in Santa Rosa California

1995 McLaren F1 burns down on Airport BoulevardMcLaren F1 is one of the fastest and rarest supercars out there. A total of 106(7 of them prototypes and 28 race cars for FIA GT series) units were built between 1992-1998.

Out of that 64 were regular F1s, 5 were F1 LMs and two were street-legal F1 GTs.

Until today it is still the fastest naturally aspirated production car.

Top speed is an amazing 240.1 mph (386.7 km/h). Power comes from a 627 hp 6.1-liter BMW sourced V12.

Sad news is that one of these supercars burned down last week in California. Irv Kessler took his McLaren F1 out for a drive after it had been in the storage for six months. Unfortunately he did have much time to enjoy the ride as the smoke started coming out of the engine bay and soon after the car was in flames. Luckily Irv is okay, but we can’t say the same about this $2 million dollar supercar, which was insured for $3 million.

Via: PressDemocrat

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