Volkswagen imports medical equipment in Germany to fight coronavirus

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Volkswagen has said that it has imported medical equipment worth of 40 million euro ($44.67 million) to Germany on Saturday from China to help the health workers fight the spread of the coronavirus.

The medical supplies consists of face masks, gloves, disinfectants, clinical thermometers, protective goggles and protective clothing. As the automaker states, the first consignment had 400,000 face masks, 240,000 for medical facilities across Germany and 160,000 for hospitals and doctors in Lower Saxony.

Last week, the automaker donated 200,000 category FFP-2 and FFP-3 face masks for public health services.

Discussing this initiative, Volkswagen HR board member Gunnar Kilian stated, “Medical practitioners and nurses in the public health service need our full support in the battle against coronavirus. With our donation, we want to make our contribution in Germany and especially in Lower Saxony.”

“Lower Saxony is the home of Volkswagen. Our Group has over 130,000 workers here; many thousands of people are also employed by about 3,500 suppliers,” Kilian added.

About 60,659 people in Germany have been confirmed as being infected with the coronavirus. The virus has killed about 482 people in the country.

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