September 24, 2020

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    Volvo has released a press statement that they will be officially launching the new V60 Plug in Hybrid in Europe next year. It will also hit the International markets a little before the end of 2012. The hybrid car will be produced in two versions a diesel-electric and an electric-gasoline model. However the gasoline hybrid model has been made especially for the U.S. markets and the diesel-electric version will be sold in all other countries.

    The V60 hybrid car is supposed to feature an all-wheel drive as the rear wheels are powered by the electric motor whereas the front wheels are powered by the turbocharged engine.Volvo has teamed up with Vattenfall , a Swedish company for the development of their new V60 Hybrid. A GPS navigation system will also be provided with the car.

    Under the hood, the V60 features an electric motor that is driven by a 12 kWh Li ion battery and can provide an output of 70 horse power. However the bulk of the power will be produced by the 5-cylinder 2.4 liter diesel engine coupled to a turbocharger that can give an output power of 215 HP.

    The Hybrid is highly fuel efficient and gives a mileage of 124 miles per gallon of fuel when running on the diesel engine power. When running on electric power only, the V60 can manage only 31 miles after which the turbocharged diesel engine produces the necessary power.

    The reputed automobile manufacturer has further stated that the Volvo V60 Hybrid car will cost more than the normal V60 but the running costs will reduced to one third. Volvo hopes the Hybrid car will be a success when it is released next year.


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