September 24, 2020

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    The General Motors brand Cadillac will be releasing their new XTS sedan around midway of next year. Cadillac XTS Sedan is supposed to be their most luxurious car and supposed to attract luxury car buyers overseas. According to Cadillac marketing manager the sedan has been built for customers who want the best technology and equipment in their cars and will face stiff competition from Mercedes Benz E class and the recently released BMW 5-series sedan models.

    The XTS sedan features customizable appliance cluster which includes 4 different complex or simple displays and the latest generation technology in the form of the exclusive CUE infotainment system. Cadillac has targeted the “black car” segment of automobile industry with this new vehicle. “Black car” basically refers to the automobiles that are usually used for car rental or livery businesses. These include the Cadillac and Lincoln models.

    Cadillac present model the DTS has reported disappointing sales but the car has received great reviews from the customers. The Lincoln Town Car, which sells thousands of units annually, is very popular vehicle in this business. Lincoln is planning to create a modified MKT crossover to maintain its standing in the livery business. Both the cars feature extended wheelbase to provide more rear leg space.

    The retain model of Lincoln MKT is not appealing to the customers and thus is struggling to sell. Cadillac believes that this is an opportunity for them to grab a foothold in this car rental segment. They hope that the XTS sedan will be a success when it comes out.


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