VW’s Phaeton to return back to America

The US is going to have the Phaeton back in its market soon which has been labeled as the extra large people’s car from Volkswagen. The car had been introduced as a competitor to the BMW, Mercedes and Lexus though it had failed to find enough buyers, which is why it was pulled off in 2006. Now, Volkswagen is all set to re-introduce the Phaeton and this time the German carmaker is expecting American buyers to lap up enough of its car so as to triple its sales in the American market.

The price of the car after the redesign is expected to be around $80,000 plus taxes which is a tad on the higher side. Experts opine it is only if they consider some lowering of the price would they be a serious contender in the big sized luxury car segment. To lower the price VW may have to consider using some parts from the Audi’s A6 and also its own Passat.

What is actually required by VW is not a car in the Audi A8 line of models but something that is above their own Passat. They would very well think of using the LWB A6L which is there in China and its platform. There is also the idea of using the V6s and V8s.

There is however a rise in sales being seen in the Chinese market for the Phaeton. Given the Chinese role of play in this car’s future and the market already having LWB models, there is high probability for the Phaeton to move on to the A6L platform.

As the price between a Passat and a Phaeton is huge as of now there is all reason for the increased interest that would be generated if there is a move towards the A6 based Phaeton. This has the added advantage of not stepping on the toes of the A8, gives a German car for consumers and the red mark of the Chinese people also would not be affected.

Source: carscoop

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