Ford unveils the Mustang Boss 302

Despite all attempts of sports car manufactures to maintain a veil of secrecy, the truth always seems to emerge. Leaked photos, pamphlets, and spy shots are ample proof of this. The Grand Am race, witnessed an inadvertent public exposure of the truth, this time, by the company’s announcer. Mustang Boss 302, which is a soon to be on road version, enthralled those who were present at the Laguna Seca at some time in the duration of the Pebble Beach Concours on August 13, 2010.

Earlier in May this year, the President of Ford Motor Company had taken an excessively forward step. Mark Fields, in a manner that isn’t easy to comprehend had make an indirect suggestion about the next special edition of Mustang. He had offered everyone a clue, after attempting to express in words what he could not explicitly speak about what the next special edition could be. Immediately, post his announcement, a 1970 Boss 302 drove across the stage. It was followed instantly by Fields’ remark, “Is that a subtle enough hint?”

However, what people could not become cognizant or aware of, was as to when the special edition Mustang would be uncovered. However, an accidental and trivial mistake made by the Fields, while talking has made Mustang fans aware of that the Boss will be coming back very soon.

Source: topspeed

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