Woman ‘kissing’ woman struck car into vehicles

car accident

A female at the wheel of a Honda City car rammed a cab and a scooter in Bengaluru (or Bangalore), India, on Sunday night. While the taxi driver and scooter rider stated that she was kissing another female sitting beside her, the female driver told cops that she was blowing air into her friend’s eye as the latter had experienced irritation in it.

A case of rash and irresponsible driving has been made against the lady, aged about 30, a staff member of a personal company. Alcohol test performed by police returned negative outcome.

Ola taxi driver Shekhar Ramachandra, 35, stated a car hit his lorry from behind around 7.30 pm. “I got down to inspect the damage. But nobody came out of the other car,” he stated. On the other hand, the scooter rider, Farhan Ahmed, came running and told Ramachandra that the woman had actually struck his scooter as well. “The lady sitting in the driver’s seat was kissing another woman. They did not stop and apologize for the accident,” Ahmed informed.

Shekhar asked the lady at the wheel to get down and at the wheel to get down and pay for the damage she did. “The lady blamed me for the mishap, stating I was slowly,” he stated. The woman then returned into the automobile and sped away. However, Farhan and Shekhar, who got away with minor injuries, chased the automobile, caught up with it and informed cops. Another woman remained in the rear seat of the vehicle.

Shekhar has lodged a complaint and all three vehicles have been seized.

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