Woman punched in road rage incident with bikers

She never thought that this journey is going to end up in this way. On Thursday night a woman got punched on the road. At first the problem started like normal conversation only, the cops did not announce her name due to various numbers of reasons. She and her boyfriend were on the way to home that is located on westbound highways 401, Ontario, Canada.

It is quite to the city the six motors cyclist blocked their and other passenger’s ways. The bikers were started to make stunts on the busy road, their behavior is not just risky for them but also for other people. They did not leave a way to any. She got down from the car to ask the explanation but they started to use not appropriate language and broken her car side mirror.

She started to argue with one of the biker who broke the mirror and that biker punched on her face and left that place. Police are still looking for the bikers.

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