Alfa Romeo TZ4 Stradale Based on Dodge Viper V10 rumored to be under development by Zagato

The TZ3 Corsa was revealed at the Villa D-Este Concours event. As a mark of centenary celebrations of Alfa Romeo, Italian Coachbuilder had come up with this program. The design of the car is based on the Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione and it is an apt homage to it preceding TZ models. Just one unit was made to meet the demand from a wealthy German collector, Martin Kapp.

Zagato thereafter in the same year and specifically in the month of December distributed a holiday card that featured the TZ1, TZ2 alongside the TZ3. There was also an additional unnamed fourth model included in the card which gave hints of being the future TZ4. This speculation has to an extent been confirmed with the magazine Autobild publishing the news that Zagato is indeed planning a next generation car.

The next TZ however would be just one single unit but a limited edition one. The Dodge Viper which has the V10 under its bonnet would be the base on which the new TZ is going to be built. Though the 2010 Dodge has been put off production, there maybe some units of it available with the company for making its TZ next.

Official confirmation of these information have not yet been received therefore making these mere speculations as of now.

Source: carscoop

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