2010 Lamborghini Bat LP-640 created by JB Car Design

When it comes to turning an already beautiful supercar into something even more special, JB Car Design is no stranger to the concept. The Germany based tuner company is capable of converting even an ordinary into something simply brilliant. This time, they have set their eyes on the Lamborghini Murcielago, and its the Bat LP-640 that they have made out of it.

Now, the performance and styling package added to the Murcielago is something that you simply can’t afford to take lightly. This is because of the sheer cost involved which at $123,500 or over €88,000, is same as the cost of an Audi R8. You may expect that JB Car Design, in light of the stratospheric price tag, may have something explosive with their new tuning kit. Fortunately, the German tuner has delivered more than that.

Only 75 units of the JB Car Design package will be produced. It is worth every pence that customer pays for the performance and styling package. The Reventon resembles the package design. A new contoured front bumper is featured in the package for Bat LP-640 with more side air intakes. Carbon fiber headlight covers, LED lights on the taillights, new side skirts, a carbon fiber front lip spoiler, a carbon fiber rear wing spoiler, a carbon rear diffuser, a set of three-piece 20 inch alloy wheels along with the front bumper similar to a rear bumper with side air outlets are some of the prominent features of the package.

Source: topspeed

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